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Imagine finally buying your dream home in your favorite Roman neighborhood. Imagine focusing only on what really matters, planning and designing your next dream home. No time consuming paperwork or time hungry bureaucracy.

OptimaDomus can make this happen. Our experienced team can assist you along every aspect of your journey. From providing you with a selection of potential properties tailored to your requirements to planning a great house warming party at the completion of the process.


After listening to your selection criteria, we compile a list of properties that best meet your requirements in the area of Rome of your choice. Then we help you buy it. Simple.


Complete 3D Architectural design for a complete transformation of your property to your personal oasis. Built to your specification.


We will help you distill your ideas into a design that conveys your personality with elegant and functional solutions. We guide you in the selection of furniture and decor.


We advise on best listing strategy based on market trends along with tips to maximize your profit.


Optimadomus comes to life from an experienced team of professionals who share a common passion for refined, stylish, innovative and functional housing solutions. They all share the same passion and the idea of spreading the concept of Home Wellness.
OptimaDomus was founded with this mission, create beautiful designs that people can truly enjoy not just because they are functional, but also because they promote a sense of wellness. We specialize in luxury real estate services from apartments with historical relevance, to lofts, penthouses, as well as ancient buildings and villas in Rome.
To all of those who want to find their perfect home, OptimaDomus offers an exclusive personalized level of service: an accurate and effective turnkey service that covers every step of the real-estate process from selecting, purchasing and renovating your property to helping with the relocation.


OptimaDomus embraces the philosophy of home wellness: physical wellbeing from the environment surrounding the person. The ideal lifestyle initially begins with a perfect symbiosis between the house and the needs and aspirations of those who will live in the house and make it their home. It concludes with a careful renovation and interior design.


A house full of positive energy increases wellbeing, and the comfort of those who live there. We offer our customers the opportunity to live in a house that is not only beautiful and comfortable, but is the place where you can recharge with positive energy and serenity, spending unforgettable moments with family and friends.


OptimaDomus will save you time, money with a worry free step-by-step process from finding the right property to assisting with the financial transaction. We will be your single point of contact throughout your journey, with a global service that includes home search, visits, legal assistance, proposal renovation designs, compiling necessary permits and assistance at the time of purchase.

We select the best properties available on the market that satisfy your home dream and needs, in your preferred area of Rome. We carry out pre-sale inspections, check the restrictions and constraints (architectural, archaeological and legal). We offer assistance in the drafting of the purchase contract. We collect all the necessary information to help you better evaluate the different alternatives of the properties you express interest in. We believe this will help you make the best choice available. Moreover, through planning and three-dimensional models, our qualified staff will be happy to show you how the property you have chosen can be transformed into your dream home.


OptimaDomus specializes in renovating luxury real estate. Our services range from architectural and lighting design, choice of materials, to the supervision of the renovation site providing you with accurate and timely progress reports. We are absolutely confident our services will meet or exceed your highest standards of excellence.


Our state of the art solutions achieve a dual purpose; they turn your house into a beautiful home that is functional and responds to your specific and personal needs making your house truly yours. It is also compliant with the latest standards and regulations, which means your house can truly be regarded as ecofriendly. Finally, our professional co-ordination services of all activities optimize your time and financial resources, freeing you from all worries, and allowing you to concentrate on those aspects you prefer.


The elegant and comfortable house takes shape by careful planning of the expectations and needs of those who will live in the home.
We study your needs to realize your ideal home of beauty and wellbeing.
Through 3D models you can see your ideas transformed into real solutions. You can explore alternatives and have a custom design prepared into the smallest details that will be instrumental in the subsequent phase of renovation.
We will select the materials with you by offering you the special treatment given only to our customers. You will be shielded from all of the bureaucracy and paperwork: we will take care of any restrictions on the property to obtain all the required building permits.


The transition from the idea to reality is complex and requires time, expertise and knowledge of the secrets of the trade. With our long and in-depth experience we can make this most difficult stage easier and cheaper.
We will partner with you in your selection of the best building companies, suppliers and craftsmen. In addition we will also carry out our agreed upon program that reflects your time frame and the best quality of the execution.
Our staff will supervise all of the activities at the worksite and provide you with periodic, detailed reports. At your request we can assist you in the final stage of the transport and placement of your furniture.


Home automation solutions, designed by OptimaDomus, provides you with the assurance that all automated systems will continue to work in an integrated and efficient way. Think about the possibility of having an intelligent house at your service: the garden waters itself; lights switch on and off; shutters open and close automatically and the air conditioning turns itself on and off when needed. Implementing smart technology ensures that your time at home is very enjoyable, as well as reduces energy usage by automating operations.
Your house is more efficient as well as easier and more cost efficient to run. You can heat or cool interiors using floor, ceiling and wall systems, or produce clean electricity and hot water using solar panels and photovoltaic systems. Burglar alarms, security systems and video cameras ensure your personal safety and home security.


OptimaDomus offers you a tax consulting service so you can take advantage of all available subsidies, in full compliance with the applicable legislation, sparing you all of the bureaucratic procedures.
You can claim a percentage of your renovation and energy efficiency costs thanks to numerous tax breaks, deductions and subsidies. However, these procedures and laws are complicated and often laws change, sometimes even during a renovation project. It takes time and effort to deal with these complex laws and maximize your benefit from them.


From the very beginning, OptimaDomus has provided house plans, which illustrate the final result. We help you find and realize refined, elegant, practical furnishing solutions, which are made to measure, express your personal style specifically designed for these areas. Since a house renovation is a complex process, which requires time and care, many people think only about their furniture when their house is finished. The result? They have to adapt it to the house.
Imagine your ideal house in which the home layout is combined with decor and furniture that reflects your personality. If you prefer a more classical style or you want to give your house a unique feel, we can help you find valuable antiques.

Let’s think about some of the rooms in your ideal house. The kitchen, for example, has always been the heart of a home. Whether for breakfast with your family or a dinner among friends, the kitchen – open plan, semi professional, in stonework or other, must satisfy your needs, be welcoming, functional and reflect your style. The bathroom is where we pamper ourselves and find unrestrained relaxation. Every fixture must be elegant, practical, sturdy and unique. The walk-in wardrobe is the place where you keep, quickly find, try on and then put away the special outfits you love or those you wear every day. It must be designed and built to satisfy your every personal need. Functional areas are important too, like service rooms, terraces, verandahs and storerooms must be designed, built and equipped so as to offer you maximum usability, without overlooking any detail.
Every single detail will be elegant and functional.


OptimaDomus will help you sell your house quickly and at the best possible price. We will suggest possible improvements to your property to capture buyer’s interest and increase the value of your property before placing it on the market. Often, a potential buyer judges a house only by its appearance.


With a few elegant solutions and beautiful finishing touches a buyer will easily fall in love with your house. When a house really sparks the interest of a potential buyer, there is a higher chance of negotiating your price and achieving a sale. Your investment in our services and experience will be repaid by a quicker sale of your property at a higher price.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, and discover how we can help you with no obligation.

If you have any question, please fell free to leave your name, phone number, and your availability and we will contact you in a timely manner.

Email: info@optimadomus.com

Mobile (+39) 338 6198671 (Marco Rogiani)

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